Webinar Series

In this series, our innovation experts answer common questions about corporate innovation and how to run and manage it.


How to start or scale Corporate Innovation?

What is needed from a mindset and resources standpoint. How to get quick wins to secure funding.

Maturity level in innovation

Learn what common misconceptions exist out there and why you should start no matter the stage your company is at.


In this series, Reto Wenger, Co-Founder of rready and Co-author of the KICKBOOK, gives you a quick overview of how you can quickly grow your idea into a business using the KICKBOX method.

Chapter_1 KICKBOX method explainer video

Chapter 1: Start

What is an intrapreneur and how can they change their organisation with their idea. All while staying motivated on their journey. Learn how to use the golden circle from Simon Sinek for this.
Chapter_2-KICKBOX method explainer video

Chapter 2: Problem

How to develop solutions customers and users actually want. Learn how to identify a problem worth solving and why you need to talk to five potential customers before jumping into building your product.
Chapter_3-KICKBOX method explainer video

Chapter 3: Solution

Build a solution customers want. Start by testing the desirability of your solution. Can you find someone ready to pay for your solution?
Chapter_4-KICKBOX method explainer video

Chapter 4: Concept

Learn how to create a business model and plan ahead. This will help you to convince relevant stakeholders from your idea.
Chapter_5-KICKBOX method explainer video

Chapter 5: Convince

Prepare for pitch day! Learn what it takes to put together a convincing pitch deck, familiarize yourself with the audience, and work on your presentation skills and appearance.

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