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Once the contract has been signed, the exciting journey begins: the introduction of KICKBOX at your organization. Our experienced customer success team supports you wherever we can: They not only organize training sessions with you but support you throughout the entire implementation phase and beyond. You are in the driver's seat: The fastest implementation was completed within only two weeks. 

Point taken! However, the Innovation Platform is what makes this innovation program scalable. Innovation is driven by people, and the more people who are actively involved, the more successful the program will be. The last few years have also proven that the KICKBOX Program works best when the offline and online components are combined. Especially if you want to make innovation measurable in your company. Plus, our Innovation Platform is easy and quick to implement, requiring minimal onboarding time. 

No. KICKBOX is designed to work as a side project. However, you can assign employees to focus fully on KICKBOX to increase the speed of innovation, especially if their project is a success and begins to take off.

Not at all. This is what also makes different to conventional innovation consultants. However, innovation that begins with raw ideas does take time. Usually, the duration for a contract with us is two years. If we agree on certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you would like to improve on within a shorter time frame, we even offer a pilot program. Should you then decide to extend the program, you can then sign up for a two- to three-year-long contract.

Our Innovation Platform and Software is enterprise-ready and GDPR-compliant. rready is also ISO27001 certified and data is hosted by AWS in Europe.

Our programs can be implemented with ease, provide measurable results within weeks and can be scaled across your entire organization and every department.

'Innovation' is often used as a fuzzy buzzword, and by using a Physical Toolbox it makes the concept tangible. Additionally, the gamified approach helps to engage employees of all hierarchy levels, ages and backgrounds.

Every business is unique, and these differences are taken into consideration by tailoring the Physical Toolboxes suited to the needs of our customers. 

The only thing that always remains the same is the KICKBOOK in the RedBox phase. The reason for this is the book’s universally applicable principles that resonate with a broad audience.

Yes, they do. Our innovation tools encourage an open-innovation mindset. This has led to project-based collaborations between clients and long-lasting relationships, creating powerful synergies. 

The Innovation platform is a cloud-hosted SaaS, meaning all you will need are basic devices such as laptops or smartphones to access it.

We are a passionate team of innovation experts and have succeeded in launching innovation programs in several large organizations such as Swisscom, Roche, and Implenia.

1. They are easy to implement.

2. Our programs are scalable.

3. They work, with great impact.

4. They not only ‘manage’ ideas but ensure ideas are executed and the company culture is transformed.

Not at all. Our programs are built on whenever your company has already implemented. Since our methods are decentralized and bottom-up, they complement any top-down programs you may already have in place.

Our methods differ considerably from your standard innovation consultants and are much broader. We start an innovation movement in your company that creates its own momentum, making innovation consultants superfluous and creating long-term change.

While we might not provide a 100% accurate answer to you, you can make use of the ROI Innovation Calculator here, to discover what your estimated projected outcome would be.

Mark Randall, serial entrepreneur and former VP of Creativity at Adobe, is the inventor of the Kickbox methodology. 

After selling his startup to Adobe, he realized that innovation works differently in bigger companies. In 2014, he came up with the innovation toolbox concept and open-sourced the very first version of the ‘Adobe Kickbox’. 

Today, Mark is a strategic advisor to the rready team and actively supports the further development of KICKBOX