Ensuring that ideas are visible to everyone in the company, inspire a culture of innovation and encourage employees to submit their own innovative ideas.


The Innovation Platform effectively breaks up organizational silos. It makes ideas visible to everyone in the organization and encourages creative collaboration amongst internal stakeholders.



The AI-enhanced Innovation Platform ensures that the KICKBOX Program stays on track.  

Innovators can manage their idea, reach out to experts and service providers, receive coaching and access various e-learning resources. 

Program Leads can review the ideas, manage the users, allocate budget and set up company-wide campaigns.

Scalable innovation platform


The Innovation Platform allows the Program Lead to get a comprehensive overview of the innovation funnel, track the number and status of submitted ideas and monitor the budget the innovators spend on services. 

This allows the Program Lead to take control of the innovation strategy and make important decisions throughout the Innovation process. It also allows for easy reporting to management.

Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Non-Executive Vice President at Swisscom
Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler
Non-Executive Vice President
"With the KICKBOX program, our employees can drive innovation resulting in new services and products for Swisscom."
Franziska Imhof, Former Senior Design Thinking Expert and Innovation Manager at Georg Fischer
Franziska Imhof
Former Senior Design Thinking Expert and Innovation Manager
Georg Fischer Machining Solutions
"After seeing idea after idea moving through the funnel, innovation has become a natural part of our company, with many employees contributing."

Any questions?

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The Innovation Platform is what makes this innovation program scalable. Innovation is driven by people, and the more people who are actively involved, the more successful the program will be. 

The last few years have also proven that the KICKBOX Program works best when the offline and online components are combined. Especially if you want to make innovation measurable in your company.  

Our Innovation Platform is easy and quick to implement, requiring minimal onboarding time.

Our Innovation Platform and Software is enterprise-ready and GDPR-compliant. rready is also ISO27001 certified and data is hosted by AWS in Europe.