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Kickboxer coaching

rready's certified KICKBOX coaches, provide hands-on support for the innovators (Kickboxers) as they navigate the innovation process. 

Kickboxer Coaching

Coach Training

rready's certified KICKBOX coaches provide insights on how the customer’s in-house coaches can provide support to their intrapreneurs.  

The format follows a train-the-trainer approach to ensure knowledge transfer. 

KICKBOX certified industry experts and professionals

Service Store Offers

The Service Store provides the innovators with many new skills they can access when needed. 

Using the allocated budget, the Intrapreneurs can get assistance across various areas of expertise including design, marketing or technical inquiries

Innovation and idea execution platform


To ensure a smoothly running KICKBOX program, we provide a range of interactive workshops designed for different audiences.  

The individual workshops help to develop the right mindset for ideation, engage individuals who have not yet come up with an idea, or help employees gain a deeper understanding of the KICKBOX process.



The KICKBOX merchandise creates a visible and approachable brand within the customers organization. This helps to attract a wide variety of employees to take part in the KICKBOX Program. 

Katarina Miljkovic, Group Strategy & Digital Transformation at Baloise
Katarina Miljkovic
Group Strategy & Digital Transformation
Baloise Groupe
"Agile, modern, fun, hands-on, professional, speed – the rready team not only stands for innovation and high quality but lives it! A great partner to rock innovation."

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Every organization is different. We want to make sure that you the best possible results from your innovation program. By providing a wide range of services, you can choose which of these will bring the most value and contribute to you getting the most out of your innovation program. 

The Innovation platform is a cloud-hosted SaaS, meaning all you will need are basic devices such as laptops or smartphones to access it.