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Foster Corporate Innovation

Foster Corporate Innovation

It is high time! It is time to regard corporate innovation not as a side project but approach it with proven methods and tools backed by peers and experts. 


Who we are

Our story from Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship and those of our customers explain why we are passionate to bring corporate innovation forward.


Exploration: It works bottom-up by tapping into the distributed knowledge of your employees. Make idea validation fun and educational while creating the next big thing for your company!


Exploitation: Ensure your company never stops becoming leaner and more customer-centric. Continuous improvement ideas should not only be gathered but efficiently executed.


Stop investing in solutions nobody wants! Validate ideas and prototypes cost-efficiently and get quick feedback throughout your company. Remote and easy-to-use!

Cases _Studies

Case Studies

Organisations where we applied our innovation expertise.



Zoom into rready through stories and interviews.


Premium Content

Get your free Kickbook, co-created by 100+ experts in innovation.


Deep Dives

Dive deeper into innovation management and our innovation methods. 

rready for innovation

Start an intrapreneurship movement in your organisation. Create lasting cultural change, bottom-up.

Release the intrapreneurial power

Engage employees by unleashing their ambition and creativity. Let them take responsibility for their idea and create the next big thing. rready provides innovation management as a service to create lasting cultural change, because this is what you need to start and grow your own intrapreneurial movement.
Business impact


Develop new products and services, explore new areas of business and systematically create new corporate ventures.


Cultural transformation

Only a culture that consistently values ideas and creativity will continuously produce bottom-up innovation.

Employer branding


Attract and keep talent by letting employees think and act as entrepreneurs within your company.

Innovation as a Service

Big bang or evolution. Innovation can happen in those big leaps that create amazing new products, or in incremental steps that transform existing processes. Both are important, and this is why we offer two programs:



Tap into the distributed knowledge of your employees and inspire them to validate their ideas with a playful approach.

Bottom-up and explorative
Our KICKBOX program has helped companies around the globe to create new products, services and corporate ventures. learn more


This program delivers incremental innovation to improve your company’s processes for both your employees and customers.

Great impact on efficiency
Use lean management to get a continuous improvement workflow started. The Improve online platform automates this process and allows role management and handover to experts. learn more


"We had a great experience deploying both programs. With KICKBOX employees create new things, with Improve we make sure to keep improving the things we already do."

Michael Hunkeler, Head of Intrapreneurship

But that is not enough...

What is the most important aspect when validating ideas and pushing them forward? Feedback - from experts, potential customers, co-workers, investors and many more. Living the "get-out-of-the-building" mentality has never been easier.



The software that enables your innovators to collect decentralized feedback, quickly.

Too easy for excuses
Receiving feedback on your ideas, prototypes and concepts has never been easier! Plant the seed for a powerful feedback culture. learn more

"Agile, modern, fun, hands-on, professional, speed – the rready team not only stands for innovation and high quality but lives it! A great partner to rock innovation."

Katarina Miljkovic, Group Strategy & Digital Transformation
Baloise Group


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