30+ Customers

Our customers have reported successes across four continents.

4600+ employees supported

Innovators we supported to validate, test and implement their ideas.

500+ ideas realized

Our ultimate goal: Empower our clients' employees to create new services and products.
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Our innovation expertise ranges across various industries

Every company is different: Our strategic and hands-on support ensure smooth sailing for all. 

Case Study about Innovation at Siemens Energy using KICKBOX

Boosting company ROI

Read more about how Siemens Energy used an employee-driven innovation program to increase ROI by 250%.
Case Study about Innovation at Swisscom

Innovation in telecoms

Take a look at how Swisscom uses intrapreneurship to spearhead innovation in the telecommunication sector.
Case Study about innovation at Implenia

Cultivating an innovative team

Explore how Implenia uses a bottom-up innovation program to make innovation accessible to the entire workforce.
Case Study about Innovation at LGT using KICKBOX

Revolutionizing a sector

Discover how LGT fosters employee-driven innovation in the banking sector, using a gamified approach.
Innovation at ZF

Transforming company culture

See how ZF uses bottom-up innovation to secure cultural transformation across their organization.
Innovation at CSS

Ensuring future-readiness

Learn more about how CSS uses employee-led innovation to pursue digital transformation.
Corporate Innovation at Siemens Energy

Making innovation scalable

Discover how Siemens Energy implemented an innovation program on a global scale, using limited resources.
Corporate Innovation at Swisscom

Securing top talent

See how Swisscom is using an innovation program to position themselves as an attractive employer.
Corporate Innovation at ZF

Meeting changing demands

Learn more about how ZF is using innovation to respond to the changing demands in the automotive industry.