RedBox Phase

The RedBox is also called the 'Validation Phase'. Here, the innovator is given various tools to come up with a convincing pitch that supports his/her idea and will help secure buy-in from decision-makers, as well as additional resources. 


KICKBOX Persona Template

This tool allows innovators to move closer to identifying their ideal customers for their solution, by examining their target audience more closely and in-depth.


Assists the innovators to structure their ideas and create a coherent overview of all the elements that need to be covered in their final pitch, including Problem, Solution and Concept.
KICKBOX Scorecard

KICKBOX Scorecard

To ensure that the Kickboxer’s concept of their idea is resolute, the KICKBOX Scorecard is used to collect feedback in a controlled environment, with the help of subject matter experts.
KICKBOX Storyboard

KICKBOX Storyboard

This helps innovators to tell the story of how customers will use a solution. It is a simple and fast way to conduct an experiment and evoke certain reactions from your target audience.
KICKBOX Stakeholder Matrix

KICKBOX Stakeholder Matrix

Innovators can use this tool to identify potential internal and external stakeholders as well as the different interests and opinions of both promoters and road blockers of your idea.


To help collect honest feedback and reactions about a product, the innovator can create a press release. Using the a few easy tricks, they'll be a press release ninja in no time!


When validating a solution, innovators can run a professional smoke test to establish if and how their product triggers the interest of the target customers, using a few simple steps!

KICKBOOK Chapter 1: Start

Delve into the first Chapter of the KICKBOOK, together with Lead Author Reto Wenger, as he explains the first very step of the KICKBOX process: Getting started!
KICKBOOK Chapter 2: Problem

KICKBOOK Chapter 2: Problem

In this video, you will learn how the KICKBOOK helps you to identify the problem you're trying to solve in more depth as well as define your ideal target customer.
Chapter 3 KICKBOOK: Solution

KICKBOOK Chapter 3: Solution

How do you make sure the solution to a problem you have identified is actually viable? In this video, Reto Wenger gives you some KICKBOOK tips to make sure that your solution is bullet-proof!
KICKBOOK Chapter 4: Concept

KICKBOOK Chapter 4: Concept

In this video, Reto Wenger takes you through some important steps to plan your way forward and to make sure you're ready to rumble once it’s time for the pitch!
KICKBOOK Chapter 5: Convince

KICKBOOK Chapter 5: Convince

It's finally go-time for the innovators who've prepared for the final pitch event! In this video, you will learn about a few final things that are key to ensure a convincing pitch and secure a BlueBox!

BlueBox Phase

During the second phase of the KICKBOX Process, the focus of the innovator is to establish a sound proof-of-concept (POC). The ultimate goal of this phase is to de-risk ideas and to back assumptions with reliable data and proof points.

BlueBox POC


This tool helps innovators de-risk the critical areas of a proof-of-concept (POC): desirability, viability, feasibility, and strategic fit. It also organizes critical assumptions, key metrics, and learnings from BlueBox experiments.
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KICKBOX Focus Finder

The Focus Finder helps innovators to identify the weakest parts of their projects and thereby see which areas they need to focus on to ensure the overall health of their BlueBox project.

KICKBOX Project Board

The Project Board is designed to help innovators along the BlueBox phase to structure and organize their project and align to do's and priorities with their team and key stakeholders.
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Testing Canvas

This tool allows innovators to plan and record each of their experiments on a single page, making their thoughts transparent, from assumption to take aways.
Customer Journey Map-1

Customer Journey Map

The Customer Journey Map is a visual tool for innovators to analyze how a potential customer aims to solve a problem or get in touch with a product or solution.
Buying Center Persona Template

Buying Center Template

This tool helps to understand the different players of a corporate purchase. It is ideal in a B2B environment where the decision-maker might differ from the buyer, the influencer, and the product user.

Business Case Calculation Booklet

The booklet helps innovators understand the unit economics of their business model more clearly, to ultimately determine whether an idea will be profitable in the long run.

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