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This guide is an important element of the Kickbox program. It guides the intrapreneur through its validation journey: From a raw to a validated idea.

The book was written by rready and co-created by +100 experts in corporate innovation!

Based on experience gained from thousands of Kickbox projects in companies such as Adobe and Swisscom it is used at more than 20 companies such as Roche, Siemens Energy, and Implenia. 

Stop investing resources in solutions nobody wants

The KICKBOOK is the first step to boost corporate innovation and allows intrapreneurs to quickly and inexpensively validate their ideas and transform them into the next big thing.

Bridge offline and online

The Kickbox online platform allows you to make innovation measurable, manageable, and visible in your company. The gamified physical toolboxes make innovation tangible and help to launch an innovation brand. Key ingredient is this guide which bridges the online and offline worlds and drives traffic back to the platform.

Business Impact and Cultural Transformation

Kickbox aims for two goals: creating new businesses while playfully educating your employees and making them fit for the digital age.