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Foster Corporate Innovation

Foster Corporate Innovation

It is high time! It is time to regard corporate innovation not as a side project but approach it with proven methods and tools backed by peers and experts. 


Who we are

Our story from Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship and those of our customers explain why we are passionate to bring corporate innovation forward.


Exploration: It works bottom-up by tapping into the distributed knowledge of your employees. Make idea validation fun and educational while creating the next big thing for your company!


Exploitation: Ensure your company never stops becoming leaner and more customer-centric. Continuous improvement ideas should not only be gathered but efficiently executed.


Stop investing in solutions nobody wants! Validate ideas and prototypes cost-efficiently and get quick feedback throughout your company. Remote and easy-to-use!

Cases _Studies

Case Studies

Organisations where we applied our innovation expertise.



Zoom into rready through stories and interviews.


Video Hub

Watch our Kickbox method explainer videos and webinars about corporate innovation.


Deep Dives

Dive deeper into innovation management and get your free Kickbook. Go from an idea to a business.

Employee Engagement Program KICKBOX

Innovation with rready. Unleash the full potential of your employees and create the next big thing.

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Proven method

KICKBOX is a ready-to-use program that has been generating innovation for many companies over the past years.


Measure innovation

Use our online platform to measure your innovation and make it visible in your company.



Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our ecosystem to collaborate across company boundaries and get the best support for your intrapreneurs.

Innovation thrives on anarchy
(the good kind)

KICKBOX works bottom-up by tapping into the distributed knowledge of your employees. They get feedback from customers and know your daily processes best.


Impacts like an asteroid

The ultimate goal of the program: to create new products and services. This will also brand your company as innovative for customers, investors and employees.

True cultural transformation comes with scale

Innovation is the art of trial and error. Educating your employees on this nonlinear process and creating a lasting innovation culture is crucial for successful projects.

"Of course, we are looking for the next big thing – however, the transformational impact the KICKBOX Program has on our entire culture is impressive and exactly what we have been looking for!"

Daniel Alzer, Innovation Manager
CSS Insurance

rready for innovation?

How to implement
Intrapreneurship with Kickbox

The Online Platform

Use our KICKBOX SaaS to make innovation in your organization measurable and transparent. learn more

"The KICKBOX SaaS turned innovation from a fuzzy buzzword into a visible process everyone in our company could see and take part in."

Tibha Patel, Digital Business Incubation
Siemens Energy

The KICKBOX Methodology

Distributing our physical toolbox to your employees makes innovation tangible, gamified and fun. Only by making innovation more accessible it becomes scalable. learn more


"The KICKBOX is a simple but effective innovation tool that allows us to involve all employees around the world, regardless of their daily job, background, or experience."

Maria Sägesser, Head of Product Development and Innovation
Switzerland Tourism


The Innovation Ecosystem

You are not alone on this journey! Become part of the KICKBOX movement and get access to our coaches, services and knowledge from your peers in our community. We exchange wins and fails, welcome guest speakers, and run cross-corporate idea campaigns together. learn more


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The guide for intrapreneurs

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Implementation of KICKBOX

How many resources do I need to allocate to KICKBOX?

How long does the implementation take?

Can it be customized?

Run the KICKBOX program

How does rready support me once the program is implemented?

How can I make sure that enough ideas are submitted over time?

What should I do with bad ideas?