Validate & Implement Ideas

Test and Implement Ideas at Scale.
Decentralized, Bottom-up and Gamified.


KICKBOX is an employee-driven innovation program based on a methodology used by over 1'000 successful companies, including Adobe and 3M. It works bottom-up by tapping into the collective knowledge of your employees and supports them to transform raw ideas into actionable solutions.


KICKBOX Intrapreneurship by rready
Proven Kickbox Methodology

KICKBOX Methodology

From Raw- to Implemented Ideas. A Process Open to All Employees

The proven KICKBOX methodology enables employees to de-risk ideas in a data-driven and structured way. Its application results in tangible financial outcomes and upskilled employees.

KICKBOX Coaching & Knowledge

KICKBOX Coaching & Knowledge

Innovate With Certified Coaches, AI-Support, and E-Learnings

Driving an idea forward requires you to leave the desk and validate it. KICKBOX provides easy access to necessary support like coaching and digital resources.

KICKBOX by rready Service Store

Service Store

Complement Your Skill Set -
Book Experts With One Click

Employees can book expert services like business or design assistance, based on the specific requirements for developing their idea.

KICKBOX by rready Physical Method Toolbox

Physical Method Toolbox

Make Innovation Tangible

The physical toolbox makes innovation tangible and supports the employees with tools, tips, and tricks on their journey to execute their idea. The box bridges the offline and online world.


Additional KICKBOX Software Features
That Enhance Your Innovation Efforts


LinkedIn Certificates

Automatically issue certificates for intrapreneurs as recognition and strengthen the employer brand


Earn badges by helping others resulting in less silos and quicker idea validation

Virtual Budget

Innovators receive a digital wallet to book experts and progress their idea

Video Pitches

Easy idea sharing with engaging video recordings

AI Assistance

Faster and cheaper idea execution with AI Assistance

Internal Community

Grow an internal network of innovators

Why intrapreneurial initiatives? 

What do Macintosh, Post-it, and Nespresso have in common? They originated from intrapreneurship. Thus, in today's fast paced environment and with many business models at risk, a result-oriented innovation program is a strategic imperative to future-proof your company.
Source: Customers of rready

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KICKBOX Case Studies




Boosting company ROI

Read more about how Siemens Energy used an employee-driven innovation program to increase ROI by 250%.

Innovation in telecoms

Take a look at how Swisscom uses intrapreneurship to spearhead innovation in the telecommunication sector.

Cultivating an innovative team

Explore how Implenia uses a bottom-up innovation program to make innovation accessible to the entire workforce.
Francois Erasmy, Strategic Planning Manager at POST Luxembourg
Francois Erasmy
Strategic Planning Manager
POST Luxembourg
"The KICKBOX launch felt great. We were able to present something well developed from day one and build the foundation for a true movement."
Diana Fischer, Innovation Analyst at Implenia
Diana Fischer
Innovation Analyst
"Thanks to the KICKBOX innovation ecosystem, we could team up with certified KICKBOX Partner and work together on several projects."
Marco Weiss, Senior Digital Transformation Manager at LGT
Marco Weiss
Senior Digital Transformation Manager
"The KICKBOX Program has taken the somewhat fuzzy concept of innovation and turned it into a transparent and powerful process, which motivates people to become part of it."