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Key elements of the KICKBOX program

KICKBOX is an employee-driven innovation program based on a methodology used by over 1000 successful companies, including Adobe and 3M. It works bottom-up by tapping into the collective knowledge of your employees and allows them to transform raw ideas into actionable solutions.

The following key elements make this intrapreneurship program scalable, engaging and data-driven. 

Innovation Platform

The Innovation Platform is the central operating system of the KICKBOX program, used by both Innovators and Program Leads. 

Perfectly aligned with the agile KICKBOX methodology, innovation becomes measurable, visible, and actionable using a data-driven approach, supported by AI.

Innovation Platform

Method Toolbox

The Method Toolbox is the gamified and tangible backbone of the innovation program, enabling innovators to move from a raw to an implemented idea.

Method Toolbox

Professional Services

To respond to the individual needs of our customers, we offer additional specialized services. These support both Innovators and Program Leads to get the most value out of the KICKBOX Program. 

Professional Services

Strategic Support

We offer ongoing hands-on support to ensure the successful implementation and scaling of the KICKBOX Program. We help our customers achieve their strategic innovation goals through KICKBOX, share best practices with each other, and gain access to training materials.

Strategic Support


rready for your department?

The KICKBOX program is for every employee in your company.
Illustration_Innovation Management Persona

Innovation Management

Use the knowledge of your employees to create and implement ideas ranging from incremental improvements to disruptive innovations.
Illustration_Top Management Persona

Top Management

Stay competitive in the long-run; identify new growth areas, realize cost-savings, and attract and retain the best talents.
Illustration_HR Persona

Human Resources

Upskill your employees, drive experiential learning, ensure cultural transformation at scale and attract the best talents.
Daniel Alzer, Investment & Innovation Manager at CSS
Daniel Alzer
Investment & Innovation Manager
CSS Insurance
"Of course, we are looking for the next big thing – however, the transformational impact the KICKBOX Program has on our entire culture is impressive and exactly what we have been looking for!"
Marco Weiss, Senior Digital Transformation Manager at LGT
Marco Weiss
Senior Digital Transformation Manager
"The KICKBOX Program has taken the somewhat fuzzy concept of innovation and turned it into a transparent and powerful process, which motivates people to become part of it."
Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Non-Executive Vice President at Swisscom
Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler
Non-Executive Vice President
"With the KICKBOX program, our employees can drive innovation resulting in new services and products for Swisscom."

Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions or get you a coffee.

Illustrations_FAQs_rready website

You can start the KICKBOX program with much less than one full-time employee. If you want to run all the coaching by yourself or want to be the next KICKBOX marketing hero, you might want to put together a slightly larger KICKBOX team. Get in touch with our team to have an open discussion about which team size fits your needs and goals.

Once the contract has been signed, the exciting journey begins: the introduction of KICKBOX at your organization. Our experienced customer success team supports you wherever we can: They not only organize training sessions with you but support you throughout the entire implementation phase and beyond. You are in the driver's seat: The fastest implementation was completed within only two weeks.

All companies are different. Therefore, all KICKBOX programs are also different! We make sure that we understand your goals, challenges, and the specifics of your organization’s corporate innovation needs.  

The Method Toolbox will be suited to your needs, the Innovation Platform can (to a certain extent) be personalized and we run a series of training sessions to ensure you achieve the best possible results with the KICKBOX program.