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How to empower employees with the right intrapreneurship process


What we talk about🎙

Intrapreneurship is a movement, not an ad-hoc or project based approach to innovation. Setting a solid and structured process with the right tools and objectives will help you engage your employees in your intrapreneurship program and have business impact.



Karel van Eechoud is leading the Implenia Innovation Hub since 2019 and is Senior Innovation Manager at Implenia, Switzerland's leading construction and real estate service provider. Before he joined Implenia, he worked as management consultant and freelance Innovation Manager in the Netherlands for various consulting companies and clients in both the public and private sector.


Mauro Kern is the Enterprise Account Executive for Benelux at rready. After his studies in Business and Economies & a pitstop in Banking at BKLB, he switched sides to enable corporates become more innovative and bring clarity on: how to mobilize Innovation within a corporate, what is an entrepreneurial friendly environment and how to ensure idea execution at scale.


What you will learn💡

  • What is the value of long term commitment to innovation?
  • Why do you need a structured process in place?
  • How can an intrapreneurship program facilitate the process?