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Open Collaborative Innovation: Options and Guidelines (with Examples from Silicon Valley)

What we talk about🎙

Want to find out more about how digitalization is one of the main drivers of Open Collaborative Innovation, get an overview of how Silicon Valley is a COI ecosystem, and discover the multiple ways in which Swisscom Outpost creates value for Swisscom and Switzerland through their presence overseas?

Then make sure to watch this webinar, where Tina Werro, Experience Innovation Developer at Swisscom Outpost, shares an overview of the different collaboration options, including a little deep dive on Swisscom Outpost, how they work and add value through their presence on US ground. Swisscom established the Outpost in Silicon Valley as a leading technology provider in Switzerland in 1998. Here they identify and develop innovative solutions to support Swisscom and its external customers in Switzerland. By fostering the exchange and cooperation with existing major technology firms and ambitious young startups, the Swisscom Outpost meets rapidly developing customer needs and market requirements. At the same time, it identifies technology development and new business opportunities.



Tina Werro is an Experience Innovation Developer at Swisscom Outpost in Palo Alto. She is responsible to scout for new trends, technologies and startups in the consumer space with a focus on Metaverse, Retail and Entertainment.

Lisa Nyffeler is a Customer Success Manager and Innovation Catalyst at rready. In her role, she is responsible for helping customers to launch, implement, and scale the KICKBOX innovation program within their company, in order to bring the program to success.


What you will learn💡

  • How digitalization drives Open Collaborative Innovation
  • In what ways Silicon Valley is a COI ecosystem
  • The value created for innovation companies through their presence overseas