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Inhouse vs. External Coaching: What is the winning recipe?


What we talk about🎙

You did a great job building building a funnel of employee-driven innovation projects and now you want to make sure they get the best guidance by assigning coaches to them. But where should you look for coaches? Do you recruit and build them within your organization or do you get external support? There are some factors to consider indeed, to find the solution that works for you. Tune into our webinar with experienced coaches Fenja and Roman, who have been in all kinds of coaching settings for a fireside chat on how to find a thorough answer and create your success recipe.


Roman is part of Creaholic SA, a company of professional inventors. Roman is an expert in Human Centered Design, Lean Startup Methodologies, Business Modeling as well as UX Design, Prototyping and Product Management. With his engineering background, he also feels at ease with CAD and hardware production. As a coach, he helps Kickboxers bring their project to the next level.

Reinventing oneself is becoming the most important skill for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. For over 35 years, Creaholic has been developing new products and services, helping to turn visions, dreams and wild ideas into reality. Be it in the form of a technical prototype, a differentiating customer experience or a breakthrough business strategy. Creaholic believes innovation doesn't happen in isolation, but in exchange with more curious minds and cross-industry ecosystems. Together with their clients, they develop surprising and value-adding innovation.
Fenja is trained in innovation management and has work experience in different settings fostering corporate innovation, experiencing first-hand the challenges that arise, if it's being an innovator or managing innovation programs. At rready, she is responsible for connecting innovators of rready customers with coaches and innovation experts to supercharge their projects. As a KICKBOX methodology nerd she is also passionately involved in coaching Kickboxers herself.



What you will learn💡

  • Why coaching matters to innovation projects (a KICKBOX perspective)
  • Potential effects on projects & program when choosing between inhouse or external coaching
  • Advantages and challenges of each approach
  • Key questions to assess what works for your organization and setting