Intrapreneurship: Keeping up with industry change


What we talk about🎙

We have all seen industrial change taking place as quick as a flash and it is definitely one of the key challenges of the 21st century. Both traditional sectors – such as heavy manufacturing – and emerging sectors will need to develop a proactive approach to innovation to anticipate, adapt to and manage change.



Manuel Leichtle is a Digital Entrepreneur at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. He is one of the initiators of the KICKBOX@ZF program to create new businesses out of employee ideas. Manuel worked 9 years in the corporate informatics holds a BA in Information Technology, Network and Software by the University of Cooperative Education Ravensburg. His desire to shift his career focus to innovation started while he was completing his post-graduation in business administration (VWA). He wanted to develop more in the direction of business in order to have an active influence on the company’s future.


Celia Geering is Head of Sales, Europe at rready. Celia previously worked at Early Metrics fostering the collaboration between Startups and Corporate internationally. Her move to rready and the field of bottom-up innovation was impacted by seeing its importance for today΄s workforce and the survival of corporates


What you will learn💡

  • What does industry change imply?
  • Why innovation is not an option but a survival skill
  • What is the value of a bottom-up intrapreneurship program?