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AR for prototyping & validation of ideas


What we talk about🎙

Join Lukas Roder from Rimon Technologies and rready’s Lisa Nyffeler for a Q&A session delving into how augmented reality (AR) can be a valuable tool in prototyping and validating ideas. Discover Rimon’s industry-proven framework and gain insight into how to achieve measurable results, bring projects closer to implementation and succeed in the KICKBOX journey.


Rimon Technologies, a spin-off of ETH Zurich, regularly develops simple and intuitive instruction apps for KICKBOX projects which could benefit from augmented reality (AR). Rimon’s cutting-edge instruction technology uses AR to help visualize projects, test them, and showcase them to potential end users.
Lukas Roder is Head of Sales at Rimon and will show you how you can benefit from their cutting-edge AR-instruction technology. What people also know about him: He loves bikes and is always to have for a good laugh.

Lisa Nyffeler is responsible for Partnerships and Product Marketing at rready. She ensures that rready’s products and services are easy to understand and perceived as added value by customers. 


What you will learn💡

  • How does AR simplify and enhance the user experience?
  • What can AR offer that non-virtual methods cannot?
  • Examples of successful AR-aided KICKBOX projects