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5 Ways to Encourage Innovation in Your Workplace

Whether launching a new business venture or looking to cultivate a better company culture, encouraging innovation should be one of the very top items on your checklist. 

As per Adobe, innovation is cited as a strength by 81% of digitally mature companies and it can influence everything from productivity to employee happiness or staff turnover rates. However, you can only reap those rewards when you champion innovation efficiently and effectively. Here’s how you can do it in five easy steps.

1. Promote psychological safety

Psychological safety is key ingredient in to build an adaptive corporate culture and can provide the foundation for innovation. Essentially, it focuses on enabling individuals within a team to share ideas without the interpersonal risks of damaged reputations or standing within the company. 

While it is shown that up to 95% of innovative ideas will fail,  you can’t find the successful 5% if people keep them bottled up due to a fear of ridicule. With tools like KICKBOX, organizations are able to create a safe environment for innovators to present their ideas where failure is accepted.


2. Prevent burnout

Innovation comes from the human mind. However, it becomes almost impossible for  employees to develop ideas when they are physically and mentally exhausted. Forbes states that “creativity requires energy, peace of mind and perspective”. If your workplace environment strangles these attributes out of your team, it will be reflected in their lack of ideas.

Burnout can be prevented by building a flexible workplace and an improved work-life balance. Aside from giving workers the energy to unlock their ideas, feeling valued by the company will translate to renewed optimism and willingness levels.


3. Allow time for innovation

It is true that innovation sometimes occurs organically. However, high-performing companies enable their employees to make time for innovation. Swisscom allows its employees to dedicate 20% of their time to innovation with help from KICKBOX, and the results are incredible.

When employees are able to set aside time for innovation without outside distractions, ideas can become better formed during the innovation phases. Furthermore, it is a step that shows employees that the company places a lot of value on innovation. In turn, they will pursue it.


4. Involve customers

Innovation, along with everything else you do in business, is ultimately geared towards retaining the customers. Ultimately, they know what they want from your company. By working alongside them and requesting their feedback, your employees can find solutions to common issues far sooner. Encouraging innovative problem-solving is a catalyst for growth.

The My Starbucks Idea saw the coffee company ask consumers for their ideas and resulted in the birth of several winning innovations. A better understanding of client opinions can also encourage your employees to find innovations that enable the firm to enter adjacent markets.


5. Support company-wide intrapreneurship

Finally, true innovation is achieved when all team members are involved. Intrapreneurship, which encourages innovation from within the company, can be achieved by recognizing innovators in all divisions the company. You must also incentivize them with a reason to care. When they know the mission statement and feel involved from the early stages, they will become invested.

For company-wide innovation to work, though, you must remove some of the barriers. If employees feel that their ideas need approval from too many people before being pursued, they will perceive it to be a pointless task. Tools like KICKBOX will streamline the process.


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