What is the Hallmark of an Adaptive Corporate Culture?

Adaptive company culture is a key ingredient that will help your business thrive in the increasingly competitive business landscape. Learn how to cultivate it. 

Business landscapes have changed at a rapid pace in recent years, and an adaptive corporate culture will certainly become a driving force on the road to success.

While there are many different facets that can contribute to the attitudes and behaviors of employees, an adaptive corporate culture allows the organization to adapt quickly and effectively to internal and external change pressures, according to Management Advisory Service.


The benefits

It's natural to want to justify investing in an adaptive corporate culture. Nobody wants to invest in a bad idea. Thankfully, the adaptive corporate culture supports your business in many ways, including:

  • Adapting to changing business environments.
  • Improving your team's performance.
  • Creating happier workplaces that boost productivity by 13%.
  • Identifying and fixing problems to save time and money.
  • Supporting organic, timely changes.


Here’s how to build an adaptive corporate culture for your employees and business:


Psychological Safety

  1. Create a 'big idea' or mission statement that employees can use to make business decisions. IKEA’s mission is to "improve everyday life for many," for example.
  2. Encourage employees to think independently and autonomously while showing support and humanity to others and promoting clearer internal communication. Siemens Energy did this with a global B2B network by using KICKBOX.
  3. Create a culture where employees feel comfortable making suggestions or "thinking out loud" and won't be shamed or ridiculed for bad ideas.
  4. Behavioral assessments help employees understand their strengths and weaknesses and how their colleagues work.


Workplace Evolution

  1. Clients and employees, not tasks and products, drive a winning culture. Encourage upskilling and staff development as a leader.
  2. 42% of companies now use hybrid working, so accept its benefits. It can build a diverse workforce that can benefit themselves and the company.
  3. Automate workflows and promote clear decision-making with advanced technologies. Teams can use intrapreneurial tools and IoT devices.
  4. Allow innovative teams to fail, set aside time for innovation, and give workers more responsibility.
  5. Focus on purpose, vision, cultural values, and architecture. Implenia’s KICKBOX program engaged the entire workforce to build a stronger team and company culture.



  1. Encourage curiosity and the ability to analyze situations to spot problems. Engaged minds will help the business adapt to new challenges and opportunities.
  2. Always consider customers, employees, and shareholders when making business decisions. This boosts credibility.
  3. Personal and collectively challenge limiting beliefs. A growth mindset can boost ownership by 34% and trust by 50%.
  4. Reinforce innovation by encouraging intrapreneurs or looking for ways to improve the business. KICKBOX helped Swisscom adopt a bottom-up approach to innovation, leading to an adaptive culture and higher profits.
  5. Centralize decisions and create iterative processes for teams to collaborate. Adaptive company culture should emerge.


An adaptive corporate culture is no longer just an option, it is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. Thanks to solutions like the KICKBOX program, which already helps over 1,000 companies promote tangible innovation by encouraging intrapreneurs, the future of business is now!

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