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Foster Corporate Innovation

Foster Corporate Innovation

It is high time! It is time to regard corporate innovation not as a side project but approach it with proven methods and tools backed by peers and experts. 


Who we are

Our story from Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship and those of our customers explain why we are passionate to bring corporate innovation forward.


Exploration: It works bottom-up by tapping into the distributed knowledge of your employees. Make idea validation fun and educational while creating the next big thing for your company!


Exploitation: Ensure your company never stops becoming leaner and more customer-centric. Continuous improvement ideas should not only be gathered but efficiently executed.


Stop investing in solutions nobody wants! Validate ideas and prototypes cost-efficiently and get quick feedback throughout your company. Remote and easy-to-use!

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Case Studies

Organisations where we applied our innovation expertise.



Zoom into rready through stories and interviews.


Video Hub

Watch our Kickbox method explainer videos and webinars about corporate innovation.


Deep Dives

Dive deeper into innovation management and get your free Kickbook. Go from an idea to a business.

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KICKBOX merchandise for the sense of belonging

Merchandising doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg  

Another successful Kickbox lucky bag by Swiss Tourism

«Time will tell if all those innovative ideas will be feasible,» says Maria Sägesser, Head of...

9 learnings after 4 years of intrapreneurship

Four years ago, Swisscom, the leading Swiss telecommunication and ICT company, adapted...

KICKBOX and Corona Modern solutions for more flexibility

A new kind of working – Corona changes “everything” 

Innovation doesn't simply happen

As Open Innovation Manager at SBB, innovation is your bread and butter. Can you tell us...

How to stay innovative as a company

The KICKBOX program is meant to raise intrapreneurial awareness among all employees. Not only...

Corporate culture isn’t a product of chance


"Employees are their own brand."

Are you rready to gain the competitive edge?

Then it’s time to engage your employees and unleash the creativity from within. Our innovation solutions drive the inspiration employees need to do their best work. Together we can build a strong, lasting cultural change for your business, bottom-up. What are you waiting for?

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