Why Open Innovation? 


It's becoming increasingly difficult to innovate alone in a globalized and digitalized world. Put an effective tooling in place to bridge between industry players, startups, and universities to innovate faster and more effectively.


Companies engaging in Open Innovation report several strong numbers:

Source: PwC
Source: Deloitte
Source: Harvard Business Review

Your construction partner to build bridges


Co-innovate with your value chain partners in order to boost business model innovation and ideas in topics such as circular economy. Make partnerships available to your staff, initiate ideas and track on collaborations.

Open Idea Campaigns

Leverage the swarm-intelligence of your partners, customers, or suppliers to solve your challenges fast.

Open Idea Campaigns

University talents and ideas

Activate students to solve your challenges while positioning you as an innovative employer.


Startup Collaboration

Give your employees access to your startup ecosystem leading to more collaboration opportunities.

StartUp Collaboration

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