memorybox Kopie

Create a Memory Box

The video toolbox allows saving and showcasing cherished memories in various formats including using a video, a slideshow of photos, and integrating music that brings back memories. Remove the KICKBOX items and add in your own items to create a box of memories. Special objects, pictures, old tickets, hand-written letters and postcards, antique objects and money, even small toys – whatever lets you relive wonderful memories! 


Create a Discovery Box

Why not awaken the little innovator in your child by building him/her a discovery box! A sensory box is great for cognitive stimulation and to prompt auditory, visual, and tactile awareness in younger children. For toddlers, you can use various different tools to stimulate hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


Create an Art Kit

If you have little busy-bodies at home, why not create a box filled with art supplies like watercolours, paper, paint, stickers, glue, you name it! This will keep them occupied, we promise! 

timecapsuleCreate a Time Capsule

If you haven’t done so yet, this is your sign to give a time capsule box a go! It’s a fun way of leaving something behind for your kids or grandchildren, or even your future self! Don’t know where to start? Follow our step-by-step guide: 

1.     Make a list of possible memories for your audience to include in the capsule

Think about objects that you use on a daily basis or something that is of particular sentimental value for you and with which you are willing to part with. This can be anything from wedding invitations, cinema tickets, printed photos, a menu of your favourite restaurant, or even your first KICKBOX idea prototype! Even things that may seem of little value to you now, may be fascinating to your grandkids one day!

2.    Preserve the element that you put in the capsule

If you decide to put magazine pages or newspaper articles into the box, use a zipped envelope for those. The same goes for handwritten pieces or letters. Choose also any other objects that are compact and non-perishable.

3.    A letter or a video as a key piece

Why not write a letter or record a video, for your future self, or whoever the time capsule is addressed to. This can be a really fun way to look back and might bring a lot of value to you. Here’s an example if you don’t know what to write.

 3. Choose a duration for your time capsule

Put a reminder in your calendar. Write the current date on the box or on an object in the box, and if you want, the intended date to open it.

4. Seal the time capsule and store it safely

Make sure you store your time capsule box in a place which you will remember. If you intend to bury it somewhere in the garden, make sure that you put the box into another non-perishable container due to the degradable material of the box.


Showcase your work

The box can function as the ideal way to showcase your work in a compact and easily accessible way. Take the box with to your meetings and use it to present any product or service videos using the screen. Collect any additional items to showcase your project and store them in the box as well.


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