Just do it: Turning ideas into reality

Few things in business can match the excitement of having an idea. The eureka moment is the first step to successful innovation and can transform the future of your business.

84% of executives think innovation is important for growth, but struggle to create a strategy that turns ideas into reality. Here are the key steps that all executives and innovation managers - as well as innovators themselves - should know.

Remove the fear of failure

Most ideas fail, even the most innovative companies experience innovation failure. When employees fear failure, however, they significantly increase the likelihood of it happening. 

To create a workplace where employees embrace failure, innovation managers must emphasize that success often comes from trying different approaches. Even when an idea fails, innovators can probably take something from it. Making sure employees start with this mindset will reduce pressure and enable them to fully develop the idea.


Create time for innovators to work on their ideas

When an idea surfaces, it’s always better to work on it while the concept is fresh in the mind. Not least because this is when employees will feel excited and engaged by it. Atlassian gives employees a whole day to work on whatever they like, while other companies offer flexibility for innovation.

It is virtually impossible to progress an idea when an innovator’s energies are dedicated to other tasks. With KICKBOX, employees can work on their innovations without having to constantly gain permissions from senior members too. In turn, ideas have a better chance to thrive.

KICKBOX is helpful with different templates like customer journey maps and project boards. As a boss, you should support employees in thinking and working on their ideas freely. 


Help employees appreciate what the company needs

An idea is only worth pursuing if it suits the business. We need to measure contextuality, feasibility, viability, and desirability. Crucially, every innovation should consider what problem it will solve. Innovation often revolves around customer-centric ideas and this can be the source of your company’s contextuality.

It doesn't matter whether we view innovation as radical innovation, incremental innovation, or disruptive innovation. Any idea that innovators work on should still be within the realms of what the business has determined on their side. When employees keep this in mind, it should provide direction as they look to develop their concepts.


Teach innovators how to develop the idea

Having an idea is one thing but transforming it from the brain into the real world is another challenge altogether. Experimentation is a major part of innovation and innovators will need freedom of mind. Still, using a clear framework to support the idea’s organic growth is vital.

KICKBOX is great for using templates to guide you through customer journey maps, project boards, and more. 59% of company executives are unsure if they have the right people with the right skills for innovation. Many lack the framework to focus on the idea itself. 


Encourage an openness to feedback

It is only natural that innovators will look at their innovative ideas through rose-tinted glasses. But while the passion is admirable, they must not close themselves off to feedback. In fact, collaborative efforts are often what unlock the full potential of an idea.

Working together to innovate can increase productivity by more than 50%. Getting input from all employees can help identify challenges and chances for growth. It also facilitates leveraging from a collective knowledge base, which can also extend to customers and outside opinions.

Having the right employee innovation systems in place will certainly aid the cause. Contact rready to arrange a KICKBOX demo and start turning your ideas into reality today.

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