Future of innovation: Emerging trends and how to stay ahead with KICKBOX

Research shows that 84% of executives confirm that innovation is important to their growth strategy. If you’re one of the many business owners actively looking to revamp your company’s innovation program, KICKBOX is one of the top tools to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Bottom-up Innovation

For a long time, many businesses focused on ideas presented by a select group of innovators and C-level execs. In today’s climate, organizations are increasingly likely to appreciate the benefits of diverse intrapreneurship . It can be made accessible with the right tools, and Implenia is one example where KICKBOX has played a key role. Establishing a company-wide culture that fosters psychological safety and encourages active participation from all team members will significantly enhance the likelihood of identifying successful ideas.


Embracing a consumer-centric approach

Harnessing the power of diverse connections and embracing a consumer-centric approach, modern innovation strategies go beyond promoting a company-wide approach. By leveraging external networks, collaborating with partners, and engaging with customers, organizations can tap into invaluable insights and perspectives that fuel their innovation endeavors.

A decade ago, the My Starbucks Ideas saw the coffee company empower consumers in a way that unearthed several winning innovations. Consumer feedback and insights should be a priority for innovation managers across all industries. By integrating client feedback and suggestions with real-time data, KICKBOX provides a fertile ground for your team to cultivate remarkable innovations. This collaborative approach nurtures the seed of ideas, allowing them to flourish and evolve into groundbreaking solutions that meet the needs and expectations of your clients.


Fostering collaboration and analysis 

Forbes describes corporate innovation as “having out-of-the-box thinking as a strategy within your business”. While embracing intrapreneurship and psychological safety are key ingredients, the recipe for success should be structured. A growing number of organizations are learning that innovation can become a defined and visible process. The KICKBOX methodology creates a clear path that can help move ideas along. It also makes it easier to promote collaborative efforts and analyze concepts as a team.


The growing use of AI

Artificial Intelligence continues to play an increasingly important role in several aspects of modern business. Crucially, at least 30% of organizations now actively want to embrace AI and its ability to aid innovation strategy, product development speeds, and project cost-efficiency. KICKBOX utilizes automation and machine learning to analyze a plethora of data points while also enabling innovations to be virtually tested to understand whether they are likely to yield success. 


Tapping into the collective knowledge of a network

Have you ever had an innovation that isn’t quite right for your organization or knew the solution to another brand’s problem? There are plenty of companies out there that can support your team in a similar way. The KICKBOX ecosystem allows your business to tap into the collective knowledge of numerous  organizations to help turn raw ideas into full implementations. Connecting to the KICKBOX family in this way lets you form mutually beneficial links with firms from other sectors and nations. Modern innovation is here.

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