The Power of Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship in Driving Innovation

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the realms of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship stand as pillars of innovation and progress. Our CCO and co-founder, Ralph Hartmeier, has experience in both areas. He now understands how they are different but also how they work well together.

In this blogpost, Ralph explains more as to how his journey from intrapreneurship at Swisscom to entrepreneurship with rready has been a testament to the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in both spheres.


At Swisscom, I experienced firsthand the power and potential of intrapreneurship. The ability to innovate within the confines of a well-established organization seemed like an ideal scenario. Leveraging the resources, knowledge, and brand reputation of a corporate giant offered a sense of security and credibility. However, the reality was far from simplistic.

Even with a wealth of help and resources, it was difficult to navigate company procedures and get support for new ideas. Stakeholder management became a delicate balancing act, and the pace of progress often clashed with the urgency of innovation.



Transitioning to the role of an entrepreneur when co-founding rready, brought a fresh set of challenges. While the autonomy and agility of entrepreneurship provided unmatched freedom, it also came with its own set of uncertainties.

Creating a brand from nothing and understanding market dynamics, requires a unique mindset and skills. Yet, despite the uncertainties, there was a sense of empowerment and ownership that came with this experience and helped fuel creativity and resilience.


Bridging the worlds

Reflecting on these experiences, what stands out is that both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship have their strengths and weaknesses. However, rather than viewing them as mutually exclusive, there is immense value in integrating the best of both worlds. This is where the concept of our flagship product, the KICKBOX program, comes into play.

KICKBOX serves as a bridge between the structured environment of corporate innovation and the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship. It empowers employees to unleash their innovative potential within the confines of their organization while providing a framework for experimentation and validation.

KICKBOX uses a method that is lean and data-driven. This method helps to test and validate ideas before moving forward. It also reduces the risk of wasting resources.

One of the key principles underlying KICKBOX is the recognition that innovation thrives on freedom tempered by responsibility. KICKBOX encourages employees to explore their ideas independently, while also promoting accountability and learning. This balance helps to boost creativity and productivity. Each idea validation phase is followed by a learning pitch, ensuring that insights are captured and shared, driving continuous improvement and evolution.

Moreover, KICKBOX embodies the essence of intrapreneurship by harnessing the collective intelligence and resources of the organization. It creates a conducive environment for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas, transcending departmental silos and hierarchical barriers. At the same time, it combines entrepreneurship with agility and adaptability, helping organizations to quickly respond to market changes and new opportunities.

Recent years have shown that introducing an entrepreneurial mindset to corporations through programs such as KICKBOX, can lead to valuable new innovation projects like spin-outs


The distinction between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship goes beyond a simple either/or choice; it opens up a vast spectrum of opportunities. By embracing both, I believe that organizations can unlock a treasure trove of untapped potential and drive innovation to new heights. 


Ensuring that your company is at the forefront of embracing both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, requires access to the right tooling. The KICKBOX program exposes your team to various methods and processes that will allow for methodical experimentation as well as autonomous exploration. Contact us to schedule a demo today. 

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