Corporate Innovation needs to change.


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The time of putting a bunch of creative 'Corporate Pirates' in a colorful innovation hub expecting them to deliver a new flagship product must be over. Instead, corporate innovation performance requires a data-driven, monitored and structured approach.

Our Flagship Product for EXPLORATION



An end-to-end solution for employee engagement, idea management and idea execution. Our KICKBOX concept is based on a proven methodology used by 1000+ companies globally.

  • Swisscom created 10 spin-offs
  • Siemens Energy issued 12 patents
  • A retailer saved 6.5 millions



Our customers achieved tangible results in

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Business impact

Leverage the first-hand experience of your employees to develop new products, services and realize cost savings.
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Employee engagement

KICKBOX acts as an employee engagement tool to create a culture that consistently values ideas and creativity.
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Employer branding

Attract and retain talent by upskilling employees in a hands-on way as innovators.

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Best-in-Class Innovation management experts

Recognised by the G2 Crowd as innovation management software meeting the requirements for enterprises the best, our team of innovation experts has supported companies around the globe to launch and scale their KICKBOX programs.
Our specialists make sure that all your specific needs are attended to, and our in-house designers translate this into an experience that makes your program unique.
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Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Non-Executive Vice President at Swisscom
Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler
Non-Executive Vice President
"With the KICKBOX program, our employees can drive innovation resulting in new services and products for Swisscom."
Daniel Alzer, Investment & Innovation Manager at CSS
Daniel Alzer
Investment & Innovation Manager
CSS Insurance
"Of course, we are looking for the next big thing – however, the transformational impact the KICKBOX Program has on our entire culture is impressive and exactly what we have been looking for!"
Karel van Eechoud, Senior Innovation Manager at Implenia
Karel van Eechoud
Senior Innovation Manager
"The decentralized KICKBOX approach was effective at generating new ideas, and also helped to engage our people making us more attractive as an employer."

Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions or get you a coffee. 

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We are a passionate team of innovation experts and have succeeded in launching innovation programs in several large organizations such as Swisscom, Roche, and Implenia.

  1. They are easy to implement.
  2. Our programs are scalable.
  3. They work, with great impact.
  4. Our programs produce measurable results.
  5. They not only ‘manage’ ideas but ensure ideas are executed and the company culture is transformed.

Our methods differ considerably from your standard innovation consultants and are much broader. We start an innovation movement in your company that creates its own momentum, making innovation consultants superfluous and creating long-term change.

Not at all. Our programs are built on whatever your company already has implemented. Since our methods are decentralized and bottom-up, they complement any top-down programs you may already have.