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Foster Corporate Innovation

Foster Corporate Innovation

It is high time! It is time to regard corporate innovation not as a side project but approach it with proven methods and tools backed by peers and experts. 


Who we are

Our story from Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship and those of our customers explain why we are passionate to bring corporate innovation forward.


Exploration: It works bottom-up by tapping into the distributed knowledge of your employees. Make idea validation fun and educational while creating the next big thing for your company!


Exploitation: Ensure your company never stops becoming leaner and more customer-centric. Continuous improvement ideas should not only be gathered but efficiently executed.


Stop investing in solutions nobody wants! Validate ideas and prototypes cost-efficiently and get quick feedback throughout your company. Remote and easy-to-use!

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Case Studies

Organisations where we applied our innovation expertise.



Zoom into rready through stories and interviews.


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Watch our Kickbox method explainer videos and webinars about corporate innovation.


Deep Dives

Dive deeper into innovation management and get your free Kickbook. Go from an idea to a business.


The best employee feedback software that enables your innovators to quickly collect decentralized opinions.

Feedback tool
Better Products


The tool helps spot bad ideas early, reducing time and money lost.



Instead of assuming how people might react, find out with a few clicks and base your decisions on facts.

Colaborativ Culture


Involve people from all over your company to foster cross-discipline creativity and innovative thinking.


"Home office made it more difficult to get early feedback on ideas and prototypes. The software replaces the feedback chat over coffee well and makes it more scalable."

Every User
in 2020/21

Feedback - a valuable present

Early feedback improves product and business success. Base
decisions on data and tests rather than unfounded opinions.


Too easy for excuses

No more "I did not have time to gather feedback yet". The software makes receiving feedback on your ideas, prototypes, and concepts an easy process, planting the seed for a powerful feedback culture.

Control who gives feedback

The tool allows selecting the entire feedback community or individually defined groups of employees, like the project team, people at the far end of your company, or even outside.

Control_who_gives feedback

Your get-out-of-the-building-cheat

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Blank's well-known words are: “There are no facts inside the building. Get out of the building.”

With this tool, your employees can live a scalable 'Get-out-of-the-building' mentality without actually getting up.

Like 1000 feedbacks over
coffee at the same time

There are numerous tools and services to get feedback on ideas. When choosing, consider how in-depth the feedback needs to be, how quickly it should be gathered and how many people should be addressed.


"Thanks to Feedback, user-centered working becomes fun because everyone can get quickly feedback. Feedback recipients can easily test and feedback providers automatically receive the results of the survey. This closes the feedback loop."

Judit Edöcs, Customer Experience Manager
SBB Swiss Railway Company

The most valuable feedback
feels brutal

If the process is easy, most companies find enough employees willing to GIVE feedback.
But finding employees willing to GET feedback is a different story.


Motivate employees to get feedback

In every organization, there are hundreds of projects, ideas, concepts, and prototypes. However, the frequent lack of early feedback from peers often results in an abundance of too-late feedback from customers.

In the implementation training, we cover how you take the fear away of sharing an idea early.

Motivate employees to give feedback

You already have enough employees willing to give feedback. Let us prove it.

In the onboarding training, while practicing internal marketing, we will cover how to pull your employees into your feedback community.


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