Why intrapreneurial initiatives? 


What do Macintosh, Post-it, and Nespresso have in common? They originated from intrapreneurship. Thus, in today's fast paced environment and with many business models at risk, a result-oriented innovation program is a strategic imperative to future-proof your company.


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Realize new business opportunities

Unlocking the full potential of your employees leads to measurable results such as: 

New Products  Patents Issued  

Upskill Employees  Identify & Realize Cost Savings  

Corporate Spin-Outs  Social & Environmental Projects

Improve Customer Experience


Benefit from rready's product portfolio


Stay competitive by identifying new opportunities, validating them cost-efficiently and executing  the most promising projects in a decentralized way. This results in new products, services and improved processes.


Create a controlled space for employees to validate ideas - in an efficient and decentralized way.



Ideate together with a group of employees (virtually/ physically) to identify and push ideas forward.



Perfect your innovation process with a customized software to report your innovation funnel, increase efficiency, and provide actionable value to innovators.


Idea Campaign

Leverage your employees' swarm intelligence to work on a specific topic (f.e. sustainability) or challenge (f.e. enhanced customer service).

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Francois Erasmy, Strategic Planning Manager at POST Luxembourg
Francois Erasmy
Strategic Planning Manager
POST Luxembourg
"The KICKBOX launch felt great. We were able to present something well developed from day one and build the foundation for a true movement."
Diana Fischer, Innovation Analyst at Implenia
Diana Fischer
Innovation Analyst
"Thanks to the KICKBOX innovation ecosystem, we could team up with certified KICKBOX Partner and work together on several projects."
Marco Weiss, Senior Digital Transformation Manager at LGT
Marco Weiss
Senior Digital Transformation Manager
"The KICKBOX Program has taken the somewhat fuzzy concept of innovation and turned it into a transparent and powerful process, which motivates people to become part of it."