The digital prototyping tools your innovator should have access to


What we talk about🎙

Prototyping simultaneously manages to be the best and worst phase of the innovation process. Digital prototyping nowadays is definitely the way to go. You really want to see your innovators' ideas be transformed and tangibly validated! But, have you provided your innovator with the proper digital tools?



Stefan EggerDesign Lead and Full Stack Designer at HuggyStudio. Stefan's daily work at HuggyStudio is all about validating new ideas with digital prototypes that range from user stories all the way up to functional MVPs. His experience to bring ideas to life comes from working in different innovation departments, and his former roles as product designer, UX/UI designer, and user researcher. No-Code enables him to develop what he designs, and it is a secret weapon to validate product ideas faster. 


Fenja Persello, Product Lab Manager. Fenja is responsible for connecting innovators of rready customers with industry thought leaders and innovation experts to supercharge their projects. As a methodology expert, she is also passionately involved in coaching Kickboxers herself.

What you will learn💡

  • Why is prototyping important?​
  • Which digital tools can help you when prototyping?
  • What is the value of no-code in prototyping?