Idea management is dead, long live idea execution


What we talk about🎙

Idea management is dead. What innovation managers need today is an enterprise innovation framework that enables every employee to take an active role in the company's innovation process: submitting, validating and executing their own ideas. Bottom-up innovation should focus on gathering a maximum data about the customer, testing and implementing ideas with the least effort. Michael Hunkeler and Dave Hengartner discuss the value of idea execution in innovation management during this webinar.



Michael Hunkeler, Head of Swisscom KICKBOX grows Swisscom Switzerland's most established Intrapreneurship program with +120 ideas per year. As a trained economist, he also has experience in strategy consulting, start-ups, NGOs and disruptive branches of large corporates. He is always eager to discuss ideas to make intrapreneurship more successful and, especially, more sustainable.


Dave Hengartner, Co-Founder & CEO at rready. Besides that, David is teaching the “Lean Startup Academy” course at ETH Zurich & is a guest lecturer at leading universities. Before rready, David worked 6 years in corporate innovation at Swisscom, founded two startups, worked for startups in Zurich and Berlin and is a well-connected member of the Swiss startup and corporate innovation ecosystem. David holds a M.A. in Business Administration from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) with focus on Entrepreneurship and Marketing and a Design Thinking degree from the University of Technology in Sydney.


What you will learn💡

  • Why idea management only, is not relevant to you.
  • Why idea execution is what matters today.
  • Examples of idea execution at Swisscom