When Should Agile Teams Make Time for Innovation?

Innovation is a major driving force for successful businesses in the modern era. In fact, 84% of executives state that it is either ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important for their future success. When thinking about how to integrate innovation into the company culture, managers need to ask a host of other questions. One of the most important considerations is when should teams make time for innovation?

Innovation: it must be an ongoing commitment

Many business owners would be forgiven for thinking that innovation is only for the early phases of launching a startup. However, the benefits of innovative intrapreneurship, show that it can be integrated into existing organizations to introduce new methods, mindsets, and skills. The purpose of this could relate to enhanced client satisfaction, product development, or increased sales.

An innovative approach to business is particularly important in the modern landscape, in which tech advancements and growing customer expectations are palpable. There is no time to waste, especially as tools like KICKBOX, allow ideas to be tested with ease before potential release.

At rready the belief is that innovative thinking shouldn’t be restricted to set times. Time for innovation should be something you have in your everyday operations. It's not like ‘oh, every Friday afternoon I will dedicate four hours to that’. To be a culture, it should be something that is embedded within a company.

When innovation is restricted to those times, it can bring negative results for a host of reasons. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Employees forgetting about their ideas,
  • Businesses missing out on opportunities,
  • The pressure of timed innovation making it harder to launch ideas,
  • Workers dwelling on ideas or gaining fear of failure,
  • Company time being wasted.


Innovation: making it accessible

This may seem easier said than done, however. Since innovation is both conceptual and perceptual, it may seem impossible to ensure that it is a fundamental feature of the business venture at all times. Worse, still, it can be difficult to track, especially for businesses that are new to innovation as a core company culture value. 

Utilizing tools like KICKBOX, including the physical KICKBOX toolbox, can help, however. With its always accessible platform and flexible design, KICKBOX makes it easy for teams and individuals to fit innovation into their busy schedules. Innovators can submit their ideas whenever they like (in fact, most post their ideas over the weekend or late at night). They can also use work time vouchers that allocate a portion of their regular working hours (such as 40% or 60%) to innovation so that they don’t need to burn the candle at both ends.

The door to innovation should be open for all employees at all times. Once innovation becomes accessible, companies should find it easier to bypass the main stumbling blocks cited by businesses (per Gartner) and instead foster innovation as a conscious endeavour that all team members can get behind.

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