Impact of automation on innovation: freeing up employees for more creative work

Automation has fast become an integral feature of modern business and a driving force for improved innovation. It is widely accepted that the most successful companies of the future will be those that leverage emerging technologies to drive their innovation efforts at scale. Automated processes should be at the top of the agenda, not least because they will serve your employees well.

According to Forbes, “creativity requires energy, peace of mind and perspective”. Frankly, then, using advanced tech and streamlined processes to claim back valuable time is essential. The following five tips will teach you how.

Remove the obstacles to innovation

Bottom-up innovation has supported countless companies like Swisscom, but it only works when employees feel able to present their ideas. Outdated systems can leave them feeling as though they have to jump through several hoops to get their ideas seen. Advanced employee innovation programs like KICKBOX change that indefinitely to streamline the process of turning raw ideas into genuine implementations.

Aside from the use of cloud-based collaborations and real-time notifications, KICKBOX can automate some decisions to move projects and workflows along fast . Moreover, it empowers employees by giving  them the necessary tools, as well as both a physical and virtual space to work on their ideas.


Utilize defined frameworks

Organizations should encourage employees to innovate and work on creative ideas whenever they strike. Psychological safety will be necessary to facilitate this. By having defined frameworks and templates in place, you can successfully streamline the innovation processes. In turn, employees will spend less time worrying about the presentation of their ideas and more time on the merit of them. The automated tools also help identify pitfalls.

Companies where managers ensure psychological safety see an average annual revenue that is $4.3 million more than those that don’t. Besides, a clear and defined framework makes it far easier for colleagues to collaborate.


Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Research shows that at least 30% of organizations now actively want to embrace AI and its ability to aid innovation strategy, product development speeds, and project cost-efficiency. AI can process information with far quicker results than humans while also visualizing the data to streamline decision-making processes. As well as increasing the speed, this added layer of accuracy ensures that the right innovations are pursued.

When persisting with outdated methods, the harsh reality is that the procedure of turning ideas into implementations is too slow. With AI, getting products to market while still satisfying the high consumer demands is far more viable.


Use tech to build stronger teams

Even with the best tech in place, effective innovation relies on the creativity of people.  It is shown that 59% of company executives aren’t sure they have the right people with the right skills needed to deliver high-quality innovation. Automation can overcome this obstacle in several ways. Systems can connect the right projects to the best intrapreneurs within the company or even look to outside help from relevant contractors.

Alternatively, companies can give employees a budget to invest in their own skills development while automated systems highlight the most relevant courses for them. When tech actively supports employees, they will be destined to thrive.


Get rid of distracting tasks

Finally, as mentioned at the top of this post, intrapreneurs must free their minds to let their creative juices truly flow. Automation of admin tasks and other daily tasks will claw back valuable time that can be invested in actively chasing innovations. It also helps when there is a clear mission statement in place, such as Wohntraum’s vision to end social inequality in home ownership. When employees have the luxury of time and are driven by their passion, success naturally ensues.

Introducing KICKBOX can form a huge step on the path to productivity and creativity. Call the rready team to learn more about its capabilities and arrange a demo today. With the power of tech behind you, the sky is the limit.

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