The challenge of finding new ideas

A lot of companies know how hard it is to find new ideas. And since workshops, meetings, and coaching sessions tend to take up a lot of time (and cost a lot of money), they are interested in finding modern solutions. 

Their goal is often to collect a large amount of input and inspiration in a timeframe that is as efficient as possible. In the time of COVID-19, it seems harder than ever to meet up, arrange workshops, and find new ideas in a flexible way.

By using KICKBOX's opportunities and advantages, companies can combine a modern method of brainstorming with effective working. Many projects can be completed more quickly than traditional methods, and that in a highly creative and constructive way. There's no need to bring everyone together in a meeting room to contribute their ideas. 

But who should use KICKBOX solutions right now? And what are the main advantages of a system that can be used from anywhere in the world, not just in these times shaped by COVID-19, but also in the future?  


What are the main advantages of KICKBOX?

Many companies are aware that their team members are traveling around the world to participate in meetings, workshops, and other events. They want to create the perfect conditions for finding new ideas for projects and their implementation. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become almost impossible to travel across the globe to participate in international (or national) meetings.


But, COVID-19 aside, is this mix of working, traveling, and brainstorming truly effective? Wouldn't it be more productive if a program allowed companies to collect ideas and present them to others without needing to leave home or the office? The COVID-19 crisis shows how important it is to think in new, modern ways and find solutions that are effective in more ways than one.


KICKBOX combines several advantages and offers its users the best conditions to present ideas and information. With its help, it is easy to…

  • …rate solutions, select, or push them, 

  • …talk about new ideas for current problems or projects,

  • …save time and money, because team members don't have to leave their working space to present their ideas.


Most people know that the most creative ideas don't come to mind during a typical day in the office. KICKBOX offers the opportunity to collect ideas that are independent of their everyday work.

More important than ever: emotion as a key factor

KICKBOX solutions are not only based on data, information, and remote options. Emotion and passion also play a crucial role when it comes to finding new solutions. The COVID-19 crisis shows that problems can be turned into solutions. All you need is the right equipment, ideas, passion, and inspiration. 

New situations, for example, working from home, can help people to think in new ways. Team members don't have to wait until the first meeting back in the office to present their ideas. The result: Companies see faster results and a more effective way of working.

COVID-19 and the opportunities it presents – KICKBOX remote

The current crisis has shown that our way of working is (and must be) based on the concept of change. However, companies that use KICKBOX enjoy the benefit of being able to work from anywhere, which includes home office. Nobody has to wait until they are allowed to return to the office. Good ideas can be collected and presented to everyone right now.




Another advantage: KICKBOX coaching sessions and workshops can be held online, too! In contrast to on-site workshops, the units are much shorter but held more regularly. This way the Coach can stay informed and use all of the KICKBOX functions on offer to the Kickboxer.


KICKBOX can play a key role for companies who are willing to use their options to think in new ways. After all, KICKBOX encourages everyone to become a part of the process to drive on development and set new trends!