How the KICKBOX ecosystem can enhance knowledge exchange

Cultivating a culture of innovation in which employees are encouraged to exchange knowledge should be a priority for every leader. KICKBOX is the perfect tool  to make this happen, supporting company-wide intrapreneurship and collaborations while also tapping into a network of companies.

It is widely accepted that the most successful companies of the future will be those that leverage emerging technologies to drive their innovation efforts at scale. However, you will only unlock the full potential of your intrapreneurs when you are able to embrace the value of your internal and external community. Here are five simple yet effective practices to achieve your immediate and long-term innovation objectives.

Create a safe space for innovation

First and foremost, you must develop the right mindset to promote innovation across the organization. Forbes explains that even the most innovative companies experience innovation failure, but an environment built on psychological safety will remove the sense of fear. When intrapreneurs are comfortable with failure being a step on the path to success, they will continue to present new ideas. Furthermore, they’ll be happier to gain contributions from other employees, which will allow you to tap into the community.


Establish internal collaboration before branching out

The KICKBOX ecosystem is an incredible resource that allows you to exchange knowledge with equally open-minded organizations. By forming collaborative connections, you’ll be able to broaden your horizon and discuss everything from obstacles to opportunities. However, you must first establish an exchange of knowledge within the company. KICKBOX helps establish bottom-up innovation while still gaining top management innovation, thus creating a culture uninhibited by employee hierarchies. 


Build a framework through KICKBOX

It’s one thing to formulate raw ideas, but developing them into successful implementations is another altogether. The KICKBOX ecosystem doesn’t only allow you to leverage success from the shared knowledge of your peer community, it additionally puts a defined framework in place so that individual and collaborative innovations are able to grow. The accessibility for everyone has helped numerous  organizations, including Implenia, by combining creative mindsets with practical pathways to bring concepts to their logical outcomes.


Extend the community to include your client

Exchanging ideas to leverage success from collective knowledge should not be limited to the company’s employees or peer network, either. Passionate brand advocates can often deliver the basis for future innovation, as is highlighted by successful customer intelligence programs like The Nascar /Fan Council. As with employee-led innovation, not every concept will be a winner. Nevertheless, gaining the client’s perspective may unearth a game-changer while simultaneously strengthening the bond by giving them a voice.


Consider innovation beyond your company borders

Contextuality, viability, and feasibility are all essential features of an effective innovation strategy. As such, it is very common for employees to present great innovations that aren’t quite right for your organization. However, a great concept is still a great concept. The KICKBOX ecosystem enables you to share the project with another company in the peer group. Co-branding has been used by some of the biggest organizations on the planet. If yours could benefit from letting another firm turn the vision into a reality, embrace it.

Leveraging success through the collective knowledge of your team and a peer network will help you take innovation to the next level. To discover more about how the KICKBOX ecosystem empowers your organization, arrange a demo today.

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