Gamifying Innovation With the KICKBOX Method Toolbox

Gamification is defined as “the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (such as a task) so as to encourage participation”. While that definition might sound a little boring, it could be the key to injecting fun into the corporate innovation process. In turn, it can play a critical role in levelling up your company’s performance.

While gamification can be achieved in several ways, several KICKBOX Method Toolbox downloadables are available to help transform innovation into a fun and engaging process. Here’s how:

The Method Toolbox makes innovation a visible process

While 84% of executives confirm that innovation is important to their growth strategy, many businesses fail to actively cultivate a culture of innovation. To achieve this, you must look for a company-wide buy-in that promotes intra-preneurship and allows employees to work on their innovations with confidence and clarity. The KICKBOX methodology achieves this by using a variety of templates and gadgets, providing a framework that enables raw ideas to be developed into effective implementations. 

The gamification elements have helped many organizations, like Siemens Energy, transform innovation from a fancy buzzword into a visible process. With tools like the KICKBOX persona template, employees are continually encouraged to ask key questions like “who is the idea for?”, “what are the obstacles?”, and “what steps are needed to overcome these challenges?”.


The Method Toolbox keeps employees mentally engaged

Gamification is a powerful tool that has the ability to transform individual and collective mindsets. Breaking large and tedious assignments down into fun tasks will make the roadmap to innovation feel far less daunting. Given that the correlation between burnout and reduced innovation is scientifically shown as well as anecdotally supported, this ability to remove any feelings of becoming overwhelmed can be the catalyst for improved results.

While employees are able to focus their attention on individual steps, the bitesize tasks all link together thanks to the defined pathway outlined by the KICKBOX program. This is known as creating a flow, which means employees are absorbed in the momentary activity. It additionally ensures that contextuality, feasibility, and viability are maintained. The emotional reward of passing each stage is a driving force to direct innovations to success.


The Method Toolbox encourages teamwork

It is commonly accepted that creativity requires energy, peace of mind and perspective. Gamification promotes this by creating a flow while it also revolves heavily around the process of supporting intrinsic motivation, not least because all contributions can be recorded and suitably rewarded by moving intrapreneurs through the three different phases of the RedBox, BlueBox and the final GoldBox. 

By receiving the KICKBOX Method toolbox, all employees get access to the same tools and can actively support each other by combining their collective skills and insight. 

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