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Innovation Projects Guide for Intrapreneurs - KICKBOOK

This guide is an important element of the Kickbox program. It guides the intrapreneur through its validation journey: From a raw to a validated idea.

The book was written by the Swisscom team who implemented and scaled intrapreneurship at Swisscom, the Swiss leading IT- and Telco-Company.

After having been intrapreneurs themselves, supported +700 innovators at Swisscom, the team became the spin-out rready to enable and support other companies in implementing and scaling their intrapreneurship programs. 

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Bridge offline and online

The Kickbox online platform allows you to make innovation measurable, manageable, and visible in your company. The gamified physical toolboxes make innovation tangible and help to launch an innovation brand. Key ingredient is this guide which bridges the online and offline worlds and drives traffic back to the platform.

Business Impact and Cultural Transformation

Kickbox aims for two goals: creating new businesses while playfully educating your employees and making them fit for the digital age.