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Foster Corporate Innovation

It is high time! It is time to regard corporate innovation not as a side project but approach it with proven methods and tools backed by peers and experts. 


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Think Inside The Box-How to innovate within your company

It’s that time of the year again! Our amazing Swisscom apprentices are facing their final big educational step: THE IPA. The IPA or individual practical work is the final project they absolve at GETKICKBOX as part of their apprenticeships at Swisscom. As our current apprentices are already in their starting blocks, let’s look back at how our former colleague Saskia had managed this challenge and how great her product had turned out.

Saskia completed her final project with the title "Think inside the box – How to innovate within your company" in just 82 hours (ten workdays). The project calls for a practical idea, which led her to create a promotional film about GETKICKBOX. The result: A film about the Kickbox Program aimed at, companies interested in introducing Kickbox as well as at potential Kickboxers looking to submit their ideas.


First step: Choosing a topic

From the start, Saskia knew that she wanted to bring her passion for images into her final project. After all, it does make up 40% of the final grade! So, it's all the more important to find a topic that will be fun and play to your existing skills.

The idea to create a promotional film for the project came up early in the process. With this project, Saskia had also considered a crucial IPA criterion since it should be beneficial for the respective department - in her case GETKICKBOX.

For a start, animated images can spark the viewer's interest and increase their attention span. Furthermore, by applying music, voice-overs, and additional effects, Saskia made a point of using the two minutes of the film to clearly and descriptively present the content on Kickbox.


The promotional film and its particular challenges

In retrospect, Saskia says that making the film "Think inside the box – How to innovate within your company" was a lot of fun. However, the documentation that accompanies every final project proved to be very time-consuming. This part requires each student to summarize all the vital information about their project and adds up to approximately 110 pages in total.

Around 50 pages of her documentation are about Saskia's promotional film itself. The other pages describe the ins and outs of the process, such as choosing a topic, as well as project and time management. 

It was also challenging to make the big amount of content fit into a two-minutes film. If Saskia were to film it again, she would include less content and focus on the key areas. 


Independent, but not alone

While working on her final project, Saskia was able to count on the support of her supervisor Ralph from the GETKICKBOX team as well as two additional experts, with each coming from a different field. They were her primary contacts whenever she had questions on the video, content, or other details - whether she was looking for feedback or wanted to discuss other aspects of the project.


Who will benefit from "Think inside the box – How to innovate within your company"?

As said before, one of the basic requirements when choosing a topic was to make Saskia's department (GETKICKBOX) gain a benefit from her project. As it turned out, however, the finished film also is a profit for anyone who hasn't heard much (or anything at all) about the Kickbox Program respectively would like basic information on the topic. Moreover, the film could help future Kickboxers by providing them with an overview of the idea submission and validation processes. 

Saskia's great end product can be viewed on our website and is in use in customer meetings.

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What's so special about Kickbox?

When asked about the Kickbox Program's advantages, Saskia explains that she thinks the tool is great because it allows anyone to become involved in innovation. "Kickbox enables anyone to create their own job position if they're good enough." She concludes. Besides that, she applauds the collaborative aspect with the coaches. Saskia herself had submitted an idea of her own as well, so she knows what she's talking about.

With that stated, we are excited to see what fantastic work our current apprentices will produce in the upcoming months. We wish them kick-ass motivation, success and creativity!


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