KICKBOX and Corona Modern solutions for more flexibility

Not only international companies are challenged by the Corona crises. A lot of people have to work from home now. But what about new ideas? What about talking about innovations?

Because of the fact, that face-to-face meetings are nearly impossible right now it is time for solutions, that are more flexible, faster, and much more effective.

What a nice and economic way to work during these challenging times!

A new kind of working – Corona changes “everything” 

Right from the beginning GETKICKBOX set their focus on working completely remote. Now, in a time when Home Office seems to be more important than ever, the chance, that more and more users prefer using the remote version, is very high.


Otherwise companies risk that:

· important projects can’t be realized

· ideas might be forgotten

· processes take more time that expected before Corona.

To make a long story short: Corona might be a chance to optimize internal and external processes with GETKICKBOX in a modern way!


In times of Corona: working from home, finding new ideas  

Sometimes everything you need to come up with new ideas is a change in scenery. A lot of people are more creative at home than anywhere else. By using Kickbox remotely they don’t have to wait until the end of the Corona Crisis until they can get started to validate their idea.

The Kickbox methodology mixes a minimum of bureaucracy with a lot of trust in its users. Experience shows that the motivation to finish a project is extremely high when people support their own ideas with passion and interest in new solutions. Flexible working processes are right now more important than ever!


Coachings on remote for a better success

GETKICKBOX offers the possibility to get coached on remote, too. Talking to and interacting with your coach is very important to bring ideas to life. In times of Corona it is important to find a modern solution to coach users online in their Home Offices.

Companies profit from a very effective process, which is based on three steps. GETKICKBOX users talk to their Online Coaches about their projects, important details and about their pitch.

Working from home, finding new ideas and put them into practice can help to stay motivated during these hard times. The connection between staff and company can be optimized so that – after Corona – surely a lot of projects will be finished without having wasted too much time.